Adonis Ferro

  • Cuban Artist ARTempoCuba Adonis Ferro

    Pieza (Piece)

    2014. Wire (four workmen in uniform during the exhibit opening). Dimensions Variable.
  • Cuban Artist ARTempoCuba Adonis Ferro

    Consolación (Consolation)

    2013. Oil on Canvas. 240 cm X 200 cm. Artist’s Collection.
  • Cuban Artist ARTempoCuba Adonis Ferro

    Cascanueces (Nutcracker)

    2010. Mixed Techniques on Canvas. 200 cm X 200 cm. Private Collection, Guadalajara, México.

Adonis Ferro's Statement

I want to display my house, my home, just as it is: an array that was built without authorization; something without classification that gets rebuilt every day. The same place where I keep what I think without fear that someone will steal, change or expose it to light for everyone to see. There I lay my ideas, power fluctuations within myself, and with others that nourish me. I finish observing the secrets, attentive, listening. Silence. And then, you see, I’m back.

About Adonis Ferro

Adonis Ferro was born in 1986. His works are part of the collections of Brobson Lutz, USA; Fernando Chacón Quintanilla, México; Diana Melrose, UK; Museo del Habano, Cuba; Museo de México, Cuba; Maldoror Gallery, Czech Republic; Rainhart Gallery, Belgium; and Arturo Ávila Rosas, México.

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