Mabel Poblet

  • Cuban Artist ARTempoCuba Mabel Poblet


    2013. Mixed media. Glass and artificial blood on methacrylate. 240 x 480 x 9 cm. Collection: Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), Miami, USA.
  • Cuban Artist ARTempoCuba Mabel Poblet

    Simplemente Bella (Simply Beautiful)

    2013. Plastic flowers, bicycle tires, electric motors, acrylic plates. 180 x 300 x 15 cm. Collection: Havana Cultura, Havana Club International, Havana, Cuba.
  • Cuban Artist ARTempoCuba Mabel Poblet

    Reverso (Reverse)

    2013. Photograph and Mirror. Dimensions Variable.

Mabel Poblet's Statement

My work is based on experiences of my life and the incidence of these memories transformed into works that somehow determine the present. I allude also to acts both intimate and superficial, the results of emotional relationships with individuals that provoke me. I am interested in the ability of the mind to violate physical laws and the possibility of multidimensional mental time (as an object, the human mind can also move, diffuse and fragmented). I use reiteration to reconstruct events by retrieving mental images that might have been erased from memory over time. The fact of running time becomes one of the protagonists of my work, gathering memories and forgetting in the same sense.

About Mabel Poblet

Mabel Poblet was born in 1986. She has been recipient of the Brownstone Foundation Scholarship in Paris, Franceand the  Scholarship Havana Cultura, Havana Club International, Havana, Cuba in 2012. Her works are in the collections of the Cisnero Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), Miami, USA; Brownstone Foundation, Paris, France; Havana Club International, Havana Cultura, Havana, Cuba.

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