Ranfis Suárez

  • Ranfis Suárez Cuban Artist

    Pinky Arrow

    2012. Acrylic on Canvas, Canvas Print. 70 x 60 cm. Collection Andreas Winkler.
  • Cuban artist ARTempoCuba Ranfis Suarez

    Muela bizca (Cross-eyed Tale)

    2012. Acrylic on Canvas. 190 x 143 cm.
  • 1984 by Ranfis Suarez

    1984 (From the Series 1984)

    2014. Digital Print on Photographic Paper, 260 x 40 cm (1 of 12 panels).

Ranfis Suárez's Statement

My work is a short joke.

About Ranfis Suárez

Ranfis Suárez was born in 1984.  His works are part of the collection of Andreas Winkler, Switzerland & USA.

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