Adrián Fernández

  • Cuban Artist Adrián Fernández ARTempoCuba

    Untitled # 13, from the series To Be or To Pretend

    2009-2012. Digital Photograph. Dimensions Variable.
  • Cuban Artist Adrian Fernandez ARTempoCuba

    Untitled # 18, from the series Epilogue I

    2011-2012. Digital Photograph. Variable Dimensions.
  • Adrian-Fernandez-FeaturedImage

    Untitled # 35, from the series Epilogue II

    2012. Digital Photograph. Variable Dimensions.

Adrián Fernández's Statement

We would be nothing without our attributes, or we’d be unrecognizable. Objects are, beyond their functionality, symbols expressing our identity, they distinguish or legitimize us. They are signs of our existence, status, and power. I’m interested in the material universe of houses and the things that surround contemporary man. I appropriate appearance and everyday objects that, like a layer or skin, define our tastes, ideologies, social classes and sectors. I penetrate the private space of the individual in order to begin a dialogue with culture, inherited or assimilated, which modulates human identity in every context.

About Adrián Fernández

Adrián Fernández  was born in 1984. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) in  2010. He has exhibit in several group and solo shows in Cuba, United States, Mexico, France, Belgium and Cambodia.

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