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Projects in the Official Program of Havana Biennial 2019 21 March, 2019

Projects in the Official Program of Havana Biennial 2019

As we promised in our last post, here is an overview of the projects that are part of the official program of the Biennial. The Biennial, as we explained before, has a main roster of artists that will be exhibiting at different venues but there are also a group of projects that are part of the official program as well. ARTempoCuba team has made all the research to bring you our most comprehensive list of these events. We will share it with you in two parts.

Detrás del Muro(Behind the Wall):

This is the third edition of a public art project that will take place along the Havana Seawall. This time the title will be Escenario Líquido (Liquid Stage) and will feature the work of 71 artists, 40 of them international artists coming from 14 countries, the rest will be Cuban artists. 6 km of the Havana Seawall will be filled with sculptures and interventions of all sort of styles that will not go unnoticed.

Taller Chullima in Havana ARTempoCuba

Taller Chullima in Havana

Dado Redondo (Round Dice)at Taller Chullima:

Founded in 2018 in a former shipyard, Taller Chullima in not only the studio of artist Wilfredo Prieto but a cultural space where exhibitions, workshops, artists residencies, and other events take place.

Dado Redondo is a special collaboration with artists Joan Baizas, Cildo Meireles and Wilfredo Prieto for the Havana Biennial. It is a version of a theatre play that was presented in Brazil under the title Daudorró. It is a visual and theatrical performance that also includes installation, a sort of procession, tons of recycled clothes….

Jardines que no existen(Gardens that Don’t Exist) at Taller Chullima:

This is a collaboration among Mexican architect Alberto Kalash, Cuban collective of architects Infrastudio (Anadis González y Fernando Martinera) and Wilfredo Prieto. It involves a series of events related to urbanism and green spaces that include interventions in the city, a design competition, the creation of an album about non-existent gardens, and a workshop with Alberto Kalash among other activities.

Corredor Cultural de Línea(Línea Street Cultural Corridor)

Proyecto Espacios (Project Spaces) is an architecture and design studio directed by architect Vilma Bartolomé. They will be leading this project that will use the cultural centers existing along Línea Avenue to develop a cultural program including street art, public interventions, video mapping presentations among other events. Corredor Cultural de Línea will also have an impact on the public space with activities such as the restoration of green spaces, graphic interventions in buildings and sidewalks as well as modifications in the urban furniture of the street like bus stops or benches alongside Línea Street.

Intersecciones (Intersections) at Factoría Habana:

This group show is the last chapter of an exhibition trilogy under the title “Initínere”. It will feature the work of a group of established Cuban artists together with Mexican and African architects and artists. The Cuban list of artists includes Tonel, Fernando Rodríguez, Carlos Garaicoa, Alexandre Arrechea, Yoan e Iván Capote, Marcos Castillo, Dagoberto Rodriguez, Rafael Villares, Gustavo Pérez Monzón.

Factoría Habana Gallery ARTempoCuba

Factoría Habana Gallery

Group exhibition Iván Capote/ Esterio Segura/ Roberto Diago at Galería Habana:

Galería Habana will present a group exhibition featuring the work of three established Cuban artists with very different styles. Roberto Diago is very well known for his material paintings addressing Afro Cuban topics, Esterio Segura is more popular for his sculptures and installations of a pop flair while Iván Capote is recognized for his conceptual artworks.

La Posibilidad infinita. Pensar la Nación(The infinite possibility. To Think about the Nation) at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts).

This project, that will take place at the Cuban Art Building, comprises a group of exhibitions under the titles Isla de Azúcar (Sugar Island); Nada Personal (Nothing Personal); Más allá de la Utopía (Beyond Utopia); Las relecturas de la Historia (Re-reading History); Museos Interiores (Internal Museums) and El espejo de los enigmas: apuntes sobre la cubanidad (The Mirror of Enigmas: Notes on Cubanness). The exhibitions will show how the collection of the Museum has contributed to the narratives of the Cuban nation.

Solo Exhibition of Gabriel Orozco at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts):

The Universal Art Building of the Museum will host a solo exhibition of the Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco.

Héroe por un día (Heroe for One Day) at Universidad de las Artes (Higher Institute of Art

This is a project organized by the artist and professor Luis Gomez. The project will feature the work of visual artists graduated from this university who haven’t had visibility or support by the national institutions of visual arts. Artists involved are Carlos Aguiar, Carlos, and Leslie, Joaquín Cabrera, Jaime Rodríguez, Yadier González, Viviana Ramos, Jose Madrigal Despaigne, Andy López Montoya, Pavel Acosta, Nicolas Noa, Yei Seng Chang y Darian Ovies.

Projects by Arte Continua

Galleria Continua in his headquarters in Havana will be organizing a group of events such as the solo exhibition of artist Zhanna Kadyrova in the gallery space, an intervention of artist JR at Chinatown Havana, a solo exhibition of José Jaque at UNAICC (National Union of Architects and Engineers of Construction in Cuba) and “Rayo.Bienal” a socio-cultural event for the community in collaboration with renowned artist Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Leila Alaouiat Fototeca de Cuba in collaboration with Galleria Continua:

Fototeca de Cuba will be hosting an exhibition of internationally acclaimed photographer and video artist Leila Alaoui who died from injuries suffered in a terrorist attack in Burkina Faso in 2016 while working on an assignment on women’s rights.

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